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Panel Master provides a variety of panel construction and related services.  Our goal is to provide services that help you to extend your organization


Control Integration, System Design and Engineering
Our engineers have experience in many industries. We are the only Rockwell Automation System Integrator (RASI) in our region.  We are an Authorized IDEC system integrator.  We are a Siemens Panel Builder. 

Machine Design and Integration
We can help you with controls and machine design for your custom application.  We have experience with:

  • Water and wastewater systems
  • Plastics molding and extrusion
  • Primary metals
  • Furnace and burner management
  • Assembly automation
  • Composites and adhesive application
  • Coatings and finishing systems
  • Printing
  • Material handling.

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CAD and Drafting
From as-built drawings to complete drawing packages, our experienced draftsmen can help you document your project.  We use AutoCAD and Solid Works on state-of-the-art CAD work stations.

Let us help you with your documentation needs!

Assembly Services
We have experienced staff for the assembly of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical equipment.  From one-off systems to repetitive manufacturing, we can provide the resource you need to quickly and cost effectively produce your product.

Installation and Commissioning
We have experienced technicians to help you get your automation system installed and running quickly.  From drive systems to a laser vision systems, we have the people who can get the job don right...right now!

Field Service and Repair
Panel Master has experienced technicians to help you  get your equipment back up and running quickly.  We have experience with a broad range of machines ranging from plastics molding and extrusion to material handling to printing systems to air pollution control and water treatment systems.  When you need you equipment repaired fast and repaired right, call us.

Control and Machine Rebuilding and Repair
Has your machine has lost that old 'zip' and reliability it had a few years ago?  Has downtime gone through the roof?  We can help. 

Our engineers can provide the upgraded controls, rebuilt mechanicals and  upgrades needed to get back to top production fast.  Call us for a fast and free estimate. And back to making product....not repairs.

Paint and Sheet Metal Services
Our dedicated Sheet Metal staff can modify enclosures and provide the special enclosure you need for that special application.  We can create almost any enclosure or frame you might need for your customer project

Our paint services can provide a top notch finish for that enclosure. Our paint booth can easily accommodate control cabinets up to 6 doors.  We use Sherwin-Williams Polane high performance two part catalyzed polyurethane industrial enamel for a fast, durable, long lasting finish.

Repair Depot Services
We provide repair depot services for some of the foremost manufacturing companies in the US.  They use us because we accurately and cost effectively provide the high level of service their customers have come to expect.  We can help you with your warranty and repair services.

Training & Technical Support
We can help your team better understand the controls your company sells.  And we can help your team be successful by providing the support you people and your customers need for trouble free implementation. 

Extending Your Organization

Panel Master can help extend your organization by providing the resources you need when you need them.  Services we can help you with include:

  • System Integration
  • Engineering
  • Purchasing and materials acquisition
  • Drafting and CAD
  • Installation and System Commissioning
  • Field Service and Repair
  • Technical Customer Support